An illustrated book by Signe.
It contains 24 horse illustration
and an interpretive description
of the Elder Futhark runes.
Download is free but copyright laws apply.
Runehorses- a book of illustrations by S
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I`m happy to share some work with you that is free to download and enjoy. If you are interested in my artwork, check out the Paardverzameld Gallery

Contact me if you want to talk about commercial use of my art.

Printable art: "Out of the Blue" VIKING HORSE
Download, print and hang on your wall, decorate your journal, send it as a card. You are free to use this in any way you like ( as long as its not in any commercial way .
Vikinghorse-out of the blue-.jpg
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template STIRRUP holder and decoration
Use this template to make your own stirrupholders and stirrupstrap protectors. Watch the tutorial on my Youtube channel. They will be a great decoration to any saddle.
template stirrup Signe of Horses.pdf
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Printable art UNICORN
As seen on my instagramchannel! This is a small thank you for your support. Use it as a label for your books or favorite bottle of wine. Or put your quote of the day in the box guarded by this unicorn.. or is she a horse dressed up as a unicorn?
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Colouring page BATTLEPONY
Relax your inner viking by colouring in this line art of a lovely Viking horse. I`d love to see the result!
ridderpaard Blizz.pdf
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Colouring page PARTY
It`s not a party until you fall asleep on the table. This colouring pae is great for kids, download and print out twice cause we all know you want one for yourself as well. Get the crayons out for some quality time.
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Colouring page DECEMBER
Happy holidays and plenty of dedicated colouring time on this christmassy scene with Blizz, a cat, the christmas Nisse (gnome) and plenty of yuletide joy!
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Wherever you go take your friends with you, fox and raven are joining the ride.. don`t know what bird is up to though...
kerst 2015.pdf
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Paperdoll Blizz
Download and print on thicker paper and colour away! Cut out and add tack and decorations from the other free downloadable pages! Share and enjoy!
papierpop Blizz.pdf
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Paperdoll Blizz DECORATE
Everything you need and more to turn your paperdoll horse into a unicorn or a fierce battlepony.
papierpop kleding1.pdf
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Paperdoll Blizz EASTER
Dress up your paper doll as an easter bunnyrabbit or add a fancy rug to your tackroom.
papierpop pasen.pdf
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Paperdoll Blizz WINTER
Get your jinglebells on and prepare for the snow! This will get you in the winter mood and ready for Christmas! Use all the glitter you can find!
papierpop winter.pdf
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