My spoiled clickertrained young horse
29 October 2021
My crossbreed stallion Brisingr is now living the lush life of a young gelding in a mixed herd. I have been training him with positive reinforcement and intrinsic motivation by using targeting, clickertraining and a lot of simply spending time together. In this blog I`ll gladly share our journey so far.

15 August 2019
When you start making or getting your first viking costume you spend time and effort in it and usually the first thing you hear is that something is not historically correct. So you retreat back to your modern cave with your tail hanging between your legs and doubt whether this reenactment thing is for you.

23 June 2019
Conversation with your horse starts with the moment you approach him. and it can set the tone for the rest of the time you spend together. Here`s a easy way to change and open up your mindset to what your horse has to say to you.

24 March 2019
Loading your horse on a trailer, doesn`t have to be a problem if your practise without even being near a trailer. How? These seven exercises will not only prove useful when loading your horse, they are also a lot of fun to do!

06 February 2019
What type of horse suits you or what breed of horse suits you are two different things. But sometimes a certain breed helps to narrow things down. Simply because certain types of horses are bred to do certain type of stuff and have a character suited to that kind of work.

31 January 2019
It is so easy to attribute your horse as being lazy or stubborn or unruly without actually trying to find out how the horse is feeling about you and the situation you put him in. They can actually be insecure, scared, unbalanced, in pain, hungry or tired. All of these emotions are temporary, where as the things we call our horse to be will get stuck in our minds as being truths.